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Delta Dental has the largest network of dentists nationwide, making it easy to find the right one for you. 

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Dental and Vision Insurance 

Northern Kentucky University retirees and their families are now eligible for enrollment in Delta Dental of Kentucky's Individual and Family Plans™. These dental and vision plans can be purchased together or separately.  Enrollment is available at any time throughout the year and can be easily completed over the phone or online.  

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Delta Dental of Kentucky Individual and Family Plans™

Delta Dental Plans

Affordable dental insurance for NKU Retirees.

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Keed your eyes healthy with a comprehensive vision plan.

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Search the largest network of dentists nationwide.

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Delta Dental Plan Features

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    In-network cleanings covered at 100%

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    Quick and accurate claims processing

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    No balance billing with in-network providers

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    Easy online enrollment

DeltaVision Plan Features

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    91% of VSP doctors offer early morning, evening, and weekend appointments

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    30% off most popular lens enhancements

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    Widest selection of eyewear at lowest out-of-pocket costs

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    Fully-covered WellVision Exam (after copay)

Biggest networks. Best Benefits.

Delta Dental plans provide access to the largest network of dentists in the nation. We make dental insurance simple and affordable, with no hidden fees, no waiting periods, and easy online enrollment. Plus, with our award-winning customer service team, answers to any of your questions are only a phone call away.

DeltaVision, administered by VSP, is a comprehensive vision plan that offers the lowest out-of-pocket cost and the freedom to use the provider that's right for you. With 100,000 access points, DeltaVision has the largest network of independent doctors nationwide. DeltaVision members receive great benefits at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Are these plans sponsored by Northern Kentucky University?

    • No. These plans are being offered and administered by Delta Dental of Kentucky. These plans are not company-sponsored employee benefit plans and are neither endorsed by NKU nor subject to NKU's control.

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    Am I required to enroll in coverage?

    • No. Enrollment in the plans is voluntary.

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    Will Northern Kentucky University pay any part of my premiums for these policies?

    • No. The enrollee is responsible for the entire cost of coverage. Premiums are paid directly to Delta Dental of Kentucky.

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    I already have an individual plan with Delta Dental of Kentucky. Do I need to change my plan?

    • No, you can remain enrolled in any of our individual plans. If you wish to change from an existing individual plan to the retiree plan, you may do so at your renewal date, or in the occurrence of a qualifying event.

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    I’ve enrolled for a monthly payment. When will those payments occur each month?

    • Initial payment occurs immediately after enrollment. Future payments will occur on the 1st of each month, for that month’s coverage. Note, statement deductions will read INSURANCE 8888593795.

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    What is my enrollment commitment?

    • All policies are 12-month commitments. Renewal notices will be sent 60 days prior to the renewal date.

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These plans are being offered and administered by Delta Dental. The plans are not Northern Kentucky University employee benefit plans and are neither endorsed by Northern Kentucky University nor subject to its control.