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Keep your smile healthy with Delta Dental

Delta Dental is the largest not-for-profit dental provider in Kentucky with the largest network, providing access to 89% of the dentists in the Commonwealth. Furthermore, dentists in Kentucky are credientialed by local representatives and are familiar with our team of customer service professionals.

The leading provider of dental benefits

Delta Dental has the largest network of dentists to choose from and offers four plan options to fit your needs. All plans feature no out-of-pocket costs for regular cleanings and members who visit in-network dentists are guaranteed not to be balance billed.

Local Customer Service

Delta Dental's customer service team is based in Louisville and has a 95% satisfaction rate.

Largest Network

89% of Kentucky dentists participate in Delta Dental's PPO network.

Best Benefits

Delta Dental offers 100% coverage for cleanings and no waiting periods or enrollment fees.

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