Biggest network. Best Benefits.

Delta Dental plans provide access to the largest network of dentists in the nation. We make dental insurance simple and affordable, with no hidden fees, no waiting periods, and easy online enrollment. Plus, with our award-winning customer service team, answers to any of your questions are only a phone call away.

Delta Dental Advantages

  • Free cleanings

  • No balance billing with in-network providers

  • Quick and accurate claims processing

Keep your eyes as healthy as your smile.

DeltaVision, administered by VSP, is a comprehensive vision plan that offers the lowest out-of-pocket cost and the freedom to use the provider that's right for you. With 91,000 access points, DeltaVision has the largest network of independent doctors nationwide. DeltaVision members receive great benefits at an affordable price.

Features of DeltaVision Plan

  • 91% of VSP doctors offer early morning, evening, and weekend appointments

  • 20-25% off most popular lens enhancements

  • Widest selection of eyewear at lowest out-of-pocket costs

  • Fully-covered WellVision Exam (after copay)