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CDT Code Changes 2019

Changes to the "Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature," commonly known as the CDT Code, are effective for services provided on or after January 1, 2019.


Any dental claim submitted electronically or paper must use procedure codes from the current version of the CDT Code. The 2019 version of the CDT Code includes 15 new procedure codes and 6 deleted codes.


Please take note of the following code changes.

  • New Space Maintainer codes D1516 and D1517 to define each arch replaces deleted code D1515
  • New Space Maintainer codes D1526 and D1527 to define each arch replaces deleted code D1525
  • New Prosthodontic codes D5282 and D5283 to define each arch replaces deleted code D5281
  • New Occlusal Guard codes D9944, D9945 and D9946 to define type of guard replaces deleted code D9940


With all new code changes, we recommend that dental offices verify covered services for patients before rendering treatment. Details of individual patient benefits are available online through the Dental Office Toolkit.

Accurate coding promotes faster claim processing and fewer errors. To order a copy of the 2019 CDT Code, call the ADA at 1-800-947-4746, or go online at